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The Personal Side of E-Marketing

Many framers ask about social marketing during my e-marketing seminars. They want to know if they should be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they ask about Blogging. Most really can’t believe it’s that important and I have to say that was my feeling when the team at my framing company, Framing Concepts, said we should start one. I really didn’t see why anyone would care about what goes on inside our company and sometimes inside the lives of our designers. But I was very wrong. Believe it or not, of all material in our site, our blog, called Reflections, is one of the most visited pages!

Since then, I have come to really understand what a blog is. When I talk to others about the kind of websites that grow visitors, I always point out that the content found on those sites is client-focused instead of business focused. What I mean is that businesses that have great websites understand that people want to read about things that interest them – not about the business. It’s just like in life – we enjoy talking to people who ask about us and let us talk about ourselves. That’s why good websites talk about their customers – not about themselves.

But after a while a one-sided relationship can only go so far, and that’s where a blog comes in. It’s the other side of the relationship. It offers a customer the opportunity to know more about you and your business. I guess you could say that those who read your blog really like you and therefore want to know more about you!

This desire completely took me by surprise. I had no idea so many people wanted to know a little more about our company or our team or designers. So give it a try if you’ve already built your website visits by focusing on your client. Just maybe you’ve done such a good job they want to know something about you!

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